African Ancestry Family Reunions


African Ancestry Family Reunions in Senegal are specially curated all-inclusive birthright journeys. Now that your genetic ancestry has been found in Senegal, join us for an authentic, culturally immersive experience back home. We have worked in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, local communities, businesses and cultural organizations, to create an unforgettable reconnection to your family’s roots. This journey goes far and beyond your average tourist trip! We will honor our ancestors, learn our histories and give back to our brothers and sisters in Senegal with lots of love, laughter and respect.

All of our Senegal Family Reunions have been postponed until further notice due to constant changing COVID-19 protocols. Please contact if you have any questions.

Did You Know?

  • The primary language of Senegal is French
  • The most widely-practiced religion in Senegal is Islam
  • African Ancestry Senegalese family members belong to the ethnic groups Wolof, Fulani, Tukulor, Serer, Jola, Mandinka.
  • Senegal gained independence from France on April 4, 1960
  • Senegal is home to Goree Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Basic Travel Facts

  • Currency: West African CFA Franc (XOF)
  • Exchange Rate: $1 to 550 XOF
  • Time Difference: +4 to 5 hours (from EST)
  • Country Code: +221
  • Flight Distance: 11 hours (from East Coast)
  • Visa Required: No

The dates for this African Ancestry Family Reunions trip will be announced soon. Watch your email for the announcement and be the first to sign up!